Current Projects

This year, The City of McPherson Street Department, started a project to replace signs across the town.  The project is a ten year process, in which each year, a certain amount of funds will be allocated to replace pre-determined sections of McPherson.  It is necessary that all signs are high resolution, no only for the citizens, but also emergency response personnel. The 2016 section, is near completion.
The Street Department, recently replaced a Winko-Matic (School Speed Limit Sign/Light).  The sign was struck recently, causing un-repairable damage. The Westbound sign on Northview St., near St. Joseph Catholic School has since been replaced.

There have been issues with another Winko-Matic (School Speed Limit Sign/Light) on Ave. A, the Roosevelt Elementary School zone area. The Street Department is nearly complete, assembling a replacement sign for this faulty one.

The Street Department is nearing completion of the Mulberry St. Patch Project. Tearing out sections of road, and replacing them with concrete patches. This has improved the overall quality of this road. There is nearly 90 feet of curb and gutter remaining, in order to complete this project.
Soon, the Street Department will begin working on improving the intersection of Mulberry St. and Euclid St.. Being winter, asphalt is not an option, but will be temporarily fixed, until warmer weather arrives.
The Street Department recently concluded the annual crack sealing project for the 2016 year. This is a great, cost effective way, to help prolong the integrity of our streets. Sealing cracks, prevents water from getting underneath our roads, which ultimately is what causes, pot holes, and breaks in the concrete.
The Ash St., Marlin St. project is near completion, however, it is considered to be complete for the winter. Sections of road were needed to be pulled, in order to re-route storm water. Complications arose after APAC had placed our new road. In order to avoid damaging the road, the Street Department worked around the new road, to get water to drain properly. Due to asphalt restraints at this time, we will finish with an asphalt patch, when warmer weather arrives.
The Street Department began work on a total reconstruction or a sidewalk and curb, on the 200 block of N. Main St.  This sidewalk and curb, were in very poor condition and posed hazard to walking pedestrians with very uneven walkways. This will be a much needed improvement to a high traffic area in our downtown.