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Service Area

Under the direction of Fire Chief TJ Wyssman, the McPherson Fire Department provides fire coverage to the City of McPherson, King City, McPherson Townships and part of the New Gottland Township. This is approximately 90 square miles of coverage that protects around 14,000 citizens.

The McPherson Fire Department is one of ten fire districts in the county and is staffed with a combination of career firefighters and volunteers. The other nine departments in the county are staffed with highly qualified volunteers. We have mutual aid agreements with these departments which expands our fire coverage to approximately 900 square miles.


On average the McPherson Fire Department responds to around 725 emergency calls per year. Approximately 11 percent of those calls are fire-related incidents. The remaining 89 percent of calls include, but are not limited to, incidents such as rescue and emergency medical services, vehicle accidents, hazardous conditions, and service calls. The McPherson Fire Department is also the Hazmat response team for the county and handles all incidents involving hazardous materials situations.

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