Goals & Projects

The Public Lands and Facilities Department manages an ongoing list of goals and projects while striving to maintain the beauty of McPherson. Annual activities include replacing flower beds, overseeing the upkeep of parks and playgrounds, offering aquatics training and educating employees about overall safety. Recently completed projects include developing a spray program for turf, replacing a deteriorating mowing fleet, updating posts and rail fencing at Lakeside Park and installing fencing at the Dog Park.

Specific projects in progress include:

  • Building an addition onto the Park Department greenhouse
  • Hiring additional staff to accommodate our growing needs (full-time, part-time, or interns)
  • Removing all split rail from parks and replace with a longer lasting non-wood alternative
  • Repairing shelters, bandshell, landfill and shop roofs
  • Repairing the Oak Grove shelter and the Wickersham building, making both structures safe
  • Replacing aging and unsafe playground equipment
  • Replacing pea gravel at all playgrounds with a safer alternative