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Posted on: June 3, 2021

Mosquito Eradication Efforts in McPherson

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June 3, 2021


Mosquito Eradication Efforts in McPherson

McPherson – The City of McPherson Park Department will be spraying for mosquitoes.  With the expected break in the weather and with favorable winds forecasted on Wednesday, June 9, and Thursday, June 10 the City of McPherson intends to spray on both evenings.  Weather permitting full spraying of the city will occur on Wednesday or Thursday.    Spraying will be performed in the evening starting at 9:00 p.m. -1:00 a.m. in public areas and continue throughout the evening in neighborhoods.


Resident, especially those with asthma or respiratory sensitivity, should remain indoors during spraying.  Residents should, close windows, doors, and vents and turn off fans and window-unit air conditioners (or set to recirculate) to reduce indoor exposure, remove children’s toys and outdoor furniture from outside and/or wash them before using again, wash all produce, and wash skin and hair if exposed to the pesticide.


The city has been and will also be using Mosquito Dunks, larvicide tablets that can be dropped in standing water areas throughout public drainage areas across the City of McPherson.  We appreciate the cooperation of citizens as we try to address any issues related to mosquitoes. 


The City of McPherson asks everyone to Practice the Five D’s of Mosquito Prevention:

  • DRAIN standing water that may produce mosquitoes.
  • DAWN and DUSK are times to avoid being outdoors.  
  • DRESS appropriately by wearing long sleeves and pants when outside.
  • DEFEND yourself by using an effective insect repellent.  Make sure to follow label directions!
  • DOOR and window screens should be in good working condition.

While everyone should participate in mosquito prevention and protect themselves from being bitten, like other diseases, young people, pregnant women, and older people should take extra precautions because they are more susceptible to the advanced manifestations of the disease.


Fortunately, there are several steps that McPherson residents can take to help curtail the large number of mosquitoes that have arrived within the last two weeks. The most important is removing unnecessary standing water. Those who may choose to use standing water for decor or out of necessity in their yards, such as birdbaths and pet water bowls, are advised to change this water every seven days. Those who have ornamental ponds can also obtain fish that will eat mosquito larva. We also recommend that residents keep their vegetation cut back and not over-water their yards.


"They are looking for a blood meal and a place to rest," about the mosquitoes, claiming that the insects are attracted to the humidity found within vegetation.


This advice also extends to unwanted vegetation that has already been removed. A common breeding ground for mosquitoes that residents often neglect is their weeding buckets.


"A lot of people like to have a bucket to keep outside and put weeds in, but then water gets in it when it rains,".

Residents need to participate in preventative measures now, the fewer mosquitoes they will have to battle in the upcoming weeks, and later in the summer.


If there are questions on the Mosquito Spraying process contact Lauren Przymus, Park Supervisor at 620.245.2400 or or contact Wayne Burns, Public Lands and Facilities Director at (620) 245-2535 or by E-mail at

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