McPherson City Event Planning Form

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McPherson City Event Planning Form
This form must be submitted 21 days prior to the event.
Event Information
Event Coordinator
Event Location
Special Requests
Street Closures
5K Race Routes
There are five different routes that are allowed by the City for 5K races. These are the only routes that will be accepted. Please choose one of the following routes that mark best for your event. Mark the route on this form, and attach the route map that you chose to this application.
If you plan to use paint to mark routes for runs/walks/bike rides on City streets it must be water-soluble paint.
The City of McPherson will bill race organizers, police officers' overtime rate plus fringe benefits for each additional officer required as a result of a run/walk held within the city. If no additional officers are required above normal shift levels no charges will be assessed.

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