Animal Shelter

2021 Animal Shelter Facebook Image
The McPherson Animal Shelter was built in 2006 and opened its doors to the public on January 1, 2007. The building is able to house 16 dogs at one time. We are funded by the City of McPherson.

We only take in dogs that are found running at large in the city limits; we also take surrender dogs that live in the city limits of McPherson. We keep them for 6 days to give the owner a chance to claim his/her pet. If they are not claimed after 6 days, we put them up for adoption. 

Our Mission

The McPherson Animal Shelter's mission is to:
  • Facilitate responsible pet ownership
  • Promote and insure public health and safety
  • Provide education and positive enforcement efforts
  • Provide prompt and courteous service to our customers