Pre-Planning is Important

Please consider: What will you do if your pet passes? Do you know how you want to take care of the remains? Is your pet in failing health? What will you do to ease their suffering? How do you want to memorialize your loved one?

 We realize these are hard questions. We are here to help.

 When we think about losing someone we love, whether human or a pet, at the first thought, the idea is immediately shut down and we force ourselves to think about something else. Often when a loved one passes; emotional decisions are made that are not always thought out well.


Death is a reality to all living things. There is true peace associated with the understanding of it, preparing for it and then living our lives to their fullest every day. Let us set your mind at ease about your beloved pet


  • At the bottom of the photo of our urns, it needs to state that some styles may be substituted.
  • Our private cremation includes the materials which is a set price of $125.00
  • We took a photo of the sign and Shelter and it turned out very grainy. Stacy is going to have Ryan use his camera to take the photo.