McPherson Cemetery

According to historical records, the original McPherson Cemetery was established in 1872 and was located on west First Street between Walnut and Chestnut Streets. In 1880, the street commissioner was instructed to move the graves to a new location, and by 1876 the new site was established at the corner of Avenue A and Maxwell Avenue where the McPherson Cemetery remains today. The first plat on the property was filed on May 27, 1881. The City of McPherson gained ownership of all cemetery property on July 15, 1915. The mausoleum was constructed in 1930. Architect W. Caton and engineer E.R. Moore were selected to design the building containing 366 crypts.

The City of McPherson continues to serve as owner and operator of the McPherson City Cemetery. Rules and regulations are established by the governing body of the City, including various prices, fees and costs associated with the sale and re-acquisition of cemetery lots and with the services provided by the City in relation to the cemetery facilities. All rules and regulations are published in booklet form. For more information, view the
 Cemetery Rules or call 620.245.2568.

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