CDBG Project 2022


The CDBG housing program is specifically designed to provide housing rehabilitation for low- to moderate-income individuals.

The 2022 target area is from Avenue A going south on the east and west sides of Walnut and Chestnut Streets in McPherson.

Applications for the 2022 CDBG program are screened and rated in accordance with eligibility criteria as defined in the Housing Rehabilitation Plan. Those who completed the pre-application process receive priority consideration. The following documents are available to those who want to learn more about the project. For more information contact City Administrator Nick Gregory at 620.245.2535.

2022 CDBG Documents

2022 Grant Award Announcement
2022 Contractor Guide
2022 Repayment Agreement
2022 Landlord Application for Housing Repair
2022 Homeowner Application for Housing Repair
2022 Renter Application for Housing Repair
2022 Weatherization Assistance Program Application
Lead In Your Home Information

CDBG 2022 Target Area Map