Mattress Haven • 310 N. Main

Mattress Haven, locally owned and operated by Michael & Elaine Yates, opened June 1, 2008, after completing an amazing renovation on a building that was previously a mechanics garage. Utilizing the Main Street IWW (Incentives Without Walls) 0% loan and the McPherson E-Community funds as a part of their finance package, Mattress Haven filled an empty storefront while creating a beautiful showroom for their expanded product line. 

James Smalley & Co Seed Building - 322 N Main

Built in 1888, the James Smalley & Co Seed Building spent many years covered in metal as the Cox Communications building. When the building was purchased in April 2016, the town anxiously awaited the unveiling of its original facade. With the help of an Incentives Without Walls (IWW) loan, it didn't take long to accomplish the vision of the owners. The renovated storefront is a beautiful addition to the Downtown District.