Kansas Gift Shop

Kansas became the 34th state in the Union on January 29, 1861, and is called the Sunflower State.

The Kansas Gift Shop was established in 2016 in conjunction with the Kansas Travel Information Center and is managed by the McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation. Merchandise reflects the great state of Kansas and the community of McPherson including postcards, mugs, t-shirts, books, Christmas ornaments, magnets and more.

Kansas Trivia

Q: What is the capitol of Kansas?
A: Topeka

Q: What is Kansas' official state bird?
A: Meadowlark

: What's another name for a Kansan?
A: Jayhawker

Q: What city is host to the Kansas State Fair?
A: Hutchinson

Q: What national chain restaurant was founded in Wichita, Kansas?
A: Pizza Hut