Amenities & Restrictions


  • Approximately 15 eight-foot tables and approximately 80 chairs. Tables are located in labeled closets. 
  • Bathroom 
  • Kitchen equipped with refrigerator and stove. 
  • The Cabin is heated & air-conditioned. When the Cabin is not in use the thermostat will be set to a cooler/hotter setting in order to preserve energy and lower cost. 
  • Dishes are NOT available. 


  • Smoking & alcoholic beverages are not allowed on-premises. 
  • No animals are permitted, except those used for service.  
  • No garage sales, public auctions, pop-up businesses, or other commercial enterprises. 
  • The cabin is primarily used for family and social gatherings. Other use may be authorized on an individual basis. 
  • Hold dates or rain dates are not allowed due to numerous requests for the building. 
  • The fireplace is off-limits to all renters. 
  • All rental rules are subject to immediate change by the City Commission.
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