The Clayworks & One Door North

Artists at The Clayworks aren't producing art simply to pass time. It is their work, a product worthy of value and an act of expression.

The Clayworks studio and shop is sponsored by Disability Supports of the Great Plains. Created in 1996 by parents and children with special needs, Disability Supports provides innovative, individualized services to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The one-of-a-kind organization serves the needs of clients, families and caregivers by providing live-in campuses, day services and in-home assistance. The Clayworks experience adds to their overall lifetime enrichment.

The Clayworks artists decide when and what to create. Professional art educators assist with clay kilns, potters wheels and other tools. The artists receive one hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of their merchandise. The income provides a measure of independence and is an important part of a full and complete life.

When you visit The Clayworks, you will find a new way of looking at art. You will meet the talented individuals who create it. Let your journey continue to One Door North where you will discover additional works created by artists from The Clayworks. The additional gallery is literally located one door north!
An artist at The Clayworks studio in McPherson works on a pottery project